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Common Questions:

What types of fish can you catch in Sarasota with Neptune Charters Enterprise Inc?

In Sarasota, you can catch a variety of fish species, including snook, redfish, tarpon, grouper, snapper, and kingfish. Our charters are designed to target these and other popular game fish.


What are the most common inshore fish species in Sarasota?

Common inshore fish species in Sarasota include snook, redfish, trout, and flounder. Our inshore fishing charters are perfect for targeting these popular species.

Can you catch grouper in Sarasota with Neptune Charters Enterprise Inc?

Yes, grouper are abundant in the waters around Sarasota. Our deep-sea fishing charters provide excellent opportunities to catch various species of grouper, including gag grouper and red grouper.

What fish are in season in Sarasota during the summer?

During the summer, you can expect to catch species like tarpon, snook, redfish, and snapper in Sarasota. Neptune Charters Enterprise Inc tailors trips to take advantage of the seasonal abundance of these fish.

Are there any special regulations for catching snook in Sarasota?

Yes, snook are subject to seasonal closures and size limits. Our experienced captains at Neptune Charters Enterprise Inc stay updated on the latest regulations to ensure compliance and sustainable fishing practices.

What is the best bait for fishing in Sarasota?

The best bait for fishing in Sarasota varies depending on the target species. Live bait such as shrimp, pilchards, and pinfish are commonly used. Our charters provide all the necessary bait and tackle for a successful fishing trip.

Can you catch kingfish in Sarasota waters?

Yes, kingfish are commonly found in the offshore waters of Sarasota, especially during the spring and fall. Neptune Charters Enterprise Inc offers deep-sea fishing trips that target kingfish and other pelagic species.

What species of fish are available for deep-sea fishing in Sarasota?

Deep-sea fishing in Sarasota offers the chance to catch species such as grouper, snapper, kingfish, amberjack, and mahi-mahi. Our charters are equipped to target these and other offshore species.

Do you offer trips targeting specific fish species in Sarasota?

Yes, Neptune Charters Enterprise Inc offers customized fishing trips that target specific species based on your preferences and the season. Whether you're after tarpon, snook, grouper, or any other fish, we can tailor a trip to meet your needs.

What fish are biting in Sarasota Florida?

Offshore continues to be robust, with numerous wahoo, mutton snapper, and yellowtail snapper catches documented in the previous week. Additionally, the mangrove snapper bite has been exceptionally good, both around the nearshore wrecks and within Sarasota Bay. Luckily, with Captain Vasiliy of Neptune Charters Enterprise Inc offering offshore fishing trips you will have the chance to reel in these amazing catches. 

A Neptune Charters Enterprise Inc Fishing Charter targets the top Sarasota Fish species including Amberjack, Cobia, Dolphin (Mahi Mahi), Black Grouper, Black Grouper, Red Grouper, King Mackerel (Kingfish), Sailfish, Blacktip Shark, Bull Shark, Mangrove Snapper and Blackfin Tuna. We primarily Fish the Sarasota.